My Tips on How to Ace Your Exams

Hey loves! Since we are almost in the midst of exam season I figured today I would share some of my tips for exams to help you ace them! Enjoy the post & good luck on your exams!

  1. Schedule out all of your time. For me scheduling out all of my time hour by hour is extremely helpful during exam season. I’ll typically write everything down in my Lilly agenda and then also make a to do list on my phone.
  2. Schedule in breaks from studying. Whenever I am studying for a hard exam I will typically put in a solid half hour or so of studying with no distractions and then take a five to fifteen minute break.
  3. Get more than enough sleep. It is proven in studies that studying for as long as you can and then going to bed helps you retain information better. Sleeping for at least eight hours makes sure that you are well rested and that during the morning you will feel more confident and ready to ace your exams.
  4. Don’t cram the night before. Start studying at least two to three days before the exam so that you don’t have to try and cram the night before. If you start studying in advance then you will have less stress and retain the information better.
  5. Schedule study groups with friends. Having a study group with friends is a great way for you to help each other study and explaining the information to each other will help you form a deeper understanding.
  6. Get organizedHaving a more organized study space will make studying so much easier and then you won’t have to have the added stress of trying to find something

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