Karlie Kloss for Express Fashion Show Recap

Hey loves! Last week I had the incredible opportunity to get to attend Karlie Kloss’s fashion show with Express in my hometown, St. Louis. I was so excited to attend and see the collection and if you haven’t seen it yet go check it out here, because it has all of the basics anyone needs for their closet. It’s a crazy story and  definitely makes my list of favorite moments from my life. Enjoy!

I figured I would receive a lot of questions about how I got tickets, so here is a little background.  I did not even think I would be able attend because I was already sick, but more importantly did not have tickets, but then one text changed everything. A family friend who I had texted earlier in the week who is friends with Mrs. Kloss, happened to text me back on the day of the show saying that she was able to score tickets for us from Karlie’s mom. If you know me at all than you know I am a huge Karlie Kloss fan, so at this point I was screaming and so excited I didn’t even care that I was sick and had no voice.

When I first arrived I was immediately in shock at how The Pageant had been transformed. The Pageant was all decked out in Klossy style and inside was stocked up with lots of St. Louis treats(Pi Pizza, Klossy kookies, & of course, Ted Drewes). When the show started I was immediately in awe with all of the gorgeous pieces and all of the models killed it on the runway. A few of my favorite looks are pictured above. After the show Karlie came out and gave an awesome girl power speech, which you can catch in an upcoming vlog on my Youtube channel and then Charlie XCX came out. I always loved Charlie’s music, but love her even more now because she had such a fun stage presence.

Now onto the most exciting part of the night and what you really want to hear. Something about me you probably don’t know as readers is that when I want something I will go for it and do whatever I have to do to get there. From the minute I knew I was going, it was already my mission to meet her, I didn’t know how but I knew I would make it happen. When the event was over I saw from across the room Karlie was talking and taking pictures with family and friends, but all around the area was covered with security, since it was the VIP area. Somehow I snuck in and dragged my mom in along with me.  After patiently waiting while Karlie talked to friends I finally had my chance. I quickly snapped a photo with her and then after I talked to her about how I was the girl on her snapchat for the Kode with Klossy applications with the dog that looked like her dog, Joe. She immediately remembered me and we talked a little more about the show and then her manager came to take her away. She was so kind and charismatic and I’m so happy and grateful I got the chance to meet her.  After that I met her sister Kimby and then I was headed out. It was such a fun night and ever since I’ve been on cloud nine! Thanks for reading!


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