Becca Backlight Filter Face Primer Review

Hey loves! Recently I have had so much trouble finding a foundation that actually matches my porcelain color skin and after an hour in Sephora I finally came out with the Becca Backlight Filter Face Primer. ┬áDuring that hour I realized nothing actually matches my skin tone so the sales girl convinced me that my skin was good enough that I could just use the Becca Primer and a light concealer. I was extremely skeptical, but figured I may as well try it out. Today I’ll be reviewing the product and sharing how I have been using it. Enjoy!

I start off by taking a coin sized amount and using my fingers to apply it to all areas of my face. On the other areas of my face that have slight redness I use the Bobbi Brown BB Cream, but I might switch it up to use the Bobbi Brown stick foundation for bad skin days. I’ve had problems in the past with foundation not blending and┬áhaving a ‘cakey’ appearance, but I think this product is finally the answer.

It gives the face a dewey and natural glow, because one of the main ingredients in crushed pearls. There is no pigment in the primer so it works for all shades. Since there is no pigment if you are looking for coverage this probably is not the product for you to use alone, but you could use it as a primer before foundation. If you are looking for something to enhance your natural features and give you a beautiful glow then for sure try it out because the one thing Becca does best is a natural glow.


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