Matching Outfits with My Pup with The Lap Shop

Hey loves! Lately I have been trying to find cute clothes that my dog actually tolerates wearing that match mine and found exactly what I was looking for in The Lap Shop.  The Lap Shop is an online store that sells accessories and outfits for your pet while focusing on not just style, but comfort and safety. The fact that my pup actually looks happy in these photos and did not try to chew the outfits off herself should be testimony enough for how comfortable they are for pets, considering her track record with outfits haha! Enjoy and if you purchase anything from The Lap Shop be sure to tag me & The Lap Shop on Instagram!

When I first saw this pearl accent overcoat I almost screamed, because it is by far the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life(and that is saying a lot).  The faux fur is so soft and luxurious and looks perfect with her silky coat. I love how this coat gives her a little drama and elegance and she actually loves being in it. Since I wanted to match with her I pulled out my pink Chanel flouncy tee, a pair of blue jeans from Madewell, and light pink lace-up ballet flats. These looks are perfect together, with the different shades of pink complimenting each other and creating an elegant look perfect for a walk for Penny and a trip to the cafe after for me!

Next this seersucker powder puff dress completely stole my heart.  Seersucker is already one of my favorite prints and having it paired with the white tulle of the skirt made it even better. I love this outfit on Penny since it kind of looks like a children’s outfit, because of the impeccable details. The gold detail on the bow adds class and even a little sass, which Penny really does not need more of. All of the pieces have snaps so the dogs are safe and comfortable in the outfits. Once again she actually loves being in this dress, even if it is just for laying around the house. To coordinate with Penny I am wearing this J Crew striped dress, a statement necklace, and the classic gold Jack Rogers. I am so excited to wear these coordinated outfits with Penny to an upcoming garden party or lunch out so be on the look out for more photos of these adorable looks!


All of these three outfits have components of my favorite fabrics, prints, and colors and this last outfit does not disappoint. This plaid puppy jumpsuit dress creates the perfect, preppy school girl look that I am personally in love with. The bow by the collar on the back with a British looking embroidery and the sleeves with the plaid cuffs are the little details that complete Penny’s look. I coordinated with Penny in my Burberry plaid collared button up, J Crew black skirt, pearl hair accessory and black ballet flats for a simple, chic look. I love how these looks compliment each other with the accents of plaid and these will for sure be looks seen again next December.

Thanks again to The Lap Shop for sponsoring this post!

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  1. Kay Chatman
    March 14, 2017 / 1:37 pm

    I loved reading this post, and you two look absolutely adorable in these pics!

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