How to Get Back into Routine After Spring Break

Hey loves! Recently I know a ton of you all have been on Spring Break  and coming back from break and getting back into the normal rise and grind routine can be pretty difficult. Today I’m sharing some tips to make coming back to your routine easier and to help you get to summer quicker. Enjoy!

  1. Organize, organize, organize! Coming back into your routine can be hard after a week of relaxation and fun but having an agenda makes life so much simpler. This week coming back from break I have had more to do than ever and writing everything down helps me to make sure that every little task gets done in time.
  2. Give yourself extra me time. Throwing yourself straight into work after break can be hard so give yourself extra time to ease yourself back into it. It can be as simple as letting yourself enjoy an episode of your favorite show, taking a bath, or even going to bed a half hour earlier. Giving yourself extra time will make you happier and ready to tackle the week.
  3. Getting into a positive mindset. If your mindset going into the week is already bad and you think the week will be unbearable then it probably will be. If you can’t get yourself into a positive mindset easily something I do to bring me back to my balance is reminding myself of everything positive happening in my life and it helps me to forget the negative. Having a positive mindset is everything and like the classic Hannah Montana lyric says, “life’s what you make it, so let’s make it rock”.  So go into the week ready to tackle whatever comes at you and you’ll take the week like a champ!




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