Bachelor Recap!

Surprise! I won the bachelor! Just kidding, but hey maybe someday! I know lots of you share my love for the bachelor from our many messages on Instagram, so I decided to write a post about my opinions on the season and of course, who received the final rose. Enjoy!

First off this season has been a love and hate relationship for me. At the beginning I really was not a huge fan of Nick, because I perceived him as very fake and trying to play the “role” of the bachelor. During the middle of the season though my opinion shifted. I think he started to see the show more seriously and actually was looking for love. After that I started to love Nick and started to understand his fun personality.

Secondly what’s a bachelor recap post without talking about Corrine?? Corrine was probably one of my favorite parts of the season, because she gave the show lots of drama and much needed laughter. Although I did love what she added to the show I was extremely shocked at how long she actually stayed on the show. Every season has a “Corrine” and typically they only last on the show long enough to get viewers hocked so that even after the “villain” is gone they will still have to watch. Corinne lasted much longer than most and whether it was for views or the relationship it was hilarious. I don’t love or hate Corrine, because I don’t personally know her so I don’t feel like I am able to make a judgement like that. I did love the drama she added to the show and I’m pretty sure everyone else did too.

Now finally onto who won the final rose and of course, the ring. When Raven rolled up first I knew it was over for her and I immediately felt awful. After their adorable date ice skating and playing with huskie pups I thought she was 100% the one for him, but I was wrong.  I truly did not see Vanessa and Nick together, because I don’t see either of them settling easily on where they will be living and other future plans. I am happy for Vanessa and Nick, but still c’mon him and Raven were just so darn cute together(imagine me trying to say it Raven’s accent)!

Let me know your thought on the season in the comments!



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