Spring Break Beach Essentials with Carolina Clover

Hey loves! Since Spring Break is coming up even faster than anticipated I thought I would share some of my favorite beach essentials for all of you venturing to paradise this spring. Enjoy!

  1. For me no vacation is complete without snapping some Instagram worthy shots while your there and this towel will totally upgrade your feed and overall vacation.  This towel comes in four different adorable prints, but this one has to be my favorite because of the tropical turquoise and coral floral design that reminds me of vacations from my childhood.  This is also a circle towel which I prefer to the regular rectangular beach towel, because it allows you more room to spread out and is so on trend right now. The navy monogram personalizes it so you don’t have to fight with siblings or friends on whose it is, because once they see it they’ll probably want to steal it for themselves!  If you pick one up for yourself be sure to tag me & Carolina Clover!

  1. I’ll admit whenever I travel anywhere, even if it’s just a weekend trip I tend to completely overpack in the shoe department. I have finally started to look for shoes that are more versatile so I don’t have a whole suitcase of shoes and I finally found the perfect pair in the Jack Rogers Lauren Sandals in the color Cognac. The almond color matches perfectly with every outfit and looks gorgeous with a tan. You’ll probably be seeing a lot more of these shoes on my Instagram and in outfit of the day posts because they are the all around perfect pair of shoes. 
  2.  I have talked about my Polaroid camera time and time again, but it is honestly one of my favorite items to bring with me on adventures. Even though it is a little chunky, it’s easy to throw in your beach bag and go because of how durable it is. I took this with me to the beach last summer and was really surprised at how much I actually used it.



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