Monogram Monday with Preppy Peach Monograms


Hey loves! As a lover of all things monogrammed I think monogram Monday is going to be a new thing on my blog, because there are so many amazing monogram companies out there. Today I am going to be sharing my favorite new monogram company, Preppy Peach Monograms. Preppy Peach Monograms has become a quick favorite of mine, because they can do pretty much any design. From mermaids to sea turtles they can make anything monogramed and look beyond cute. Check them out on Instagram and tell them I sent you and enjoy the post!

First off they sent me this adorable light pink script monogram that I immediately put on my laptop. The shade of this pink is my favorite shade of pink, because it’s the happy medium between baby pink and hot pink. I love how the pink compliments the other stickers and they all look like they were meant to go together. ┬áMy favorite place to put monogram stickers is on my computer because my laptop is one of the things I use the most and having it look cute makes it even better.

They also sent me this gorgeous lavender decal that I put on my calculator for school. I’m typically not a fan of purple but this stunning lavender color I just could not resist. The lavender with the navy of the calculator looks so cute together and will for sure update my school supply game.

Lastly they send me this adorable navy monogram in a circle with small arrow details. I love this monogram so much that I can’t even decide where to place it and if you have any suggestions of where I should put it comment down it down below.


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