6 Blair Waldorf Perfect Headbands

Hey loves! Recently I have been taking a lot of style inspiration from Blair Waldorf, from Gossip Girl and if you know anything about her style you know headbands are a must. If you watched Gossip Girl then you will understand Blair’s collection of stunning headbands and that bows always go on the left, and if you haven’t watched Gossip Girl, then go watch it right after you read this! Today I’m sharing 6 perfect Blair headbands to steal her style. Enjoy!

Knotted Headband by SHEIN

Starlight Tiara Headband by Henri Bendel

Heirloom Double Row Headband by Henri Bendel

ASOS Statement Metallic Flower and Jewel Headband

ASOS Bow Fascinator Headband

Black Metal Decoration Headband by SHEIN


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