Morphe 35F Palette Swatches and Review

I recently purchased the Morphe 35F palette and fell in love with it so I knew I had to share it on here! I made a Youtube video all about why I chose the palette over others so if that is what you’re looking for head over there because on here I am just going to be sharing swatches.

The first row has seven shimmering champagne and gold shades perfect for the inner crease. My favorite shade out of these is the rose gold shade on the bottom because of how it brings out the blue in my eyes.

The second row has seven metallic shades in gold and brown tones. All of these shades are beautiful to create the perfect smokey eye.

The third row is yet another row of metallics in shades of burnt orange and burgundy but still has undertones of gold.

The fourth row is similar to the second row but the shades are deeper and bolder.

The last row has seven matte shades perfect for adding definition to the eye and a base. These did not swatch the best because some of them are very light shades but you can still see them pretty well.

I will include the link to the video I did right here so you can go check that out too!




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