3 Ways I Destress

As a junior in high school stress has become a natural part of my life and is probably a natural part of everyone’s life. This year I have experienced more stress than ever before so I had to come up with some ways that I could quickly take a break and then jump right back into work. I thought today I would share with you all how I destress so let’s jump in!

  1. Work out. Whenever I get too stressed with homework and I can fit in a quick thirty minute break I always try to work out. I typically want a quick, high intensity workout that will get some emotions out and get me feeling powerful so after I can tackle everything else on my to do list. I usually enjoy doing a Jillian Michaels workout video because they are high intensity and typically only twenty to thirty minutes long. If I am not in the mood for a high intensity workout I will do something on the more relaxed side, like yoga. It is so easy to find a good yoga sequence on either Pinterest or Youtube, so why not give it a try? Just getting up and moving in any way you can helps so if a workout video or yoga isn’t quite your speed try something else!
  2. Write in a journal. This option is for sure my go to when I don’t have too much time to take a break but still need a mental break. I love to pick up my journal and write down what happened in the day or just how I’m feeling. There is something about writing in a journal that is just so satisfying, it’s almost like catching up with an old friend. ┬áSometimes I can write for five minutes and then continue back to my work feeling like a new person. Whether you have five minutes free or an hour try writing in a journal, because even if it doesn’t help you relieve stress you will love to look back at it one day.
  3. Take a Bath. This is for sure my favorite option for when I feel over worked and need time to breathe and reflect.  Recently I have been loving adding some lavender bath salts to my bath and make a cup of tea to pamper myself and add a relaxing aroma. A bath is the perfect way to destress and rewind from a busy day.

Leave me a comment below if you try any of these or tell me what you do to destress!




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