2016 Beauty Favorites

With another year down means another yearly favorites blog post so let’s dive in. 2016 was a huge year for the beauty community with James Charles being named the first male covergirl, beauty vloggers creating their own lines, and so much more. This year I really jumped out of my comfort zone and tried out a ton of new products so let’s get talking about the good ones and forget the rest!

1 Benefit Poreffessional Primer  2 Benefit Hoola Bronzer 3 Morphe 4 Kylie Cosmetics 5 Colourpop 6 Tarte Concealer 7 Bobbi Brown BB Cream

Benefit Porefessional Primer

I had never used a primer for my makeup and had no clue how much I needed it until I tried this one out. I apply this before I put my foundation on and it smooths my skin out completely and makes my pores almost invisible. I typically apply it to areas where I don’t like my pores, around my nose and cheeks, and occassionally on my chin and forehead.  If you feel like you have big pores or if you just want your foundation to go on smoother this is the perfect product for you.

 Hoola Bronzer

Over the past year I have realized as a very pale person I NEED bronzer to give my face dimension and make me not look like a ghost. Finding a good bronzer with the right pigmentation that blends out well is a hard task but Benefit has done it again with another amazing product that made my list. Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer has the perfect pigment and blends out so effortlessly to give my face that much needed dimension and life.

Morphe 35F Palette & Morphe Brushes

I recently purchased the Morphe 35F Palette or the Fall into Frost Palette and some brushes after hearing numerous reviews about how amazing the brand is. The palette has quickly became my go to because the shades are all so pigmented and creamy so they go on swiflty and are easy to blend out. The palette only cost $22.99 for thrity-five shades which is pretty hard to beat. The brushes are extremely good quality as well and vegan. I have been using the brushes with other palettes so see how they work and they have elevated all my eye looks.

Kylie Cosmetics Liquid Lips

In 2016 Kylie Cosmetics truly took off and became something that everyone was trying to get their hands on. At first I didn’t really see what was so special but after finally giving the liquid lips and gloss a try I understand why they are on such high demand. I have tried numerous matte liquid lipsticks this year and the Kylie Cosmetics ones rank number one on my list. The formula of the lip liner is very creamy, easy to apply, and extremely pigmented and long lasting. My problem with matte liquid lips is typically the application process and how they dry the lips out so much. The Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipstick is extremely easy to apply and still leaves room for moisture in the lips so it has quickly become my go to.

Colourpop Eyeliner, Metallic Liquid Lipstick, & Pigments

When looking for a great value for a cheap price Colourpop is my go to brand. Personally I am extremely bad and fidgety with liquid eyeliner so I use a cream eyeliner. Colourpop’s cream eyeliner in Stomper is my go to for easy application and longevity. In 2016 metallic lips were a huge trend that I fell in love with and hope continues into 2017. Colourpop’s metallic lipsticks have amazing pigment and stay on for 4+ hours. Colourpop’s pigments have also made my list this year because of the pigmentation and how creamy they are. For the prices of Colourpops products and quality there is simply nothing better.

Tarte Concealer

Tarte’s concealer has been my go to ever since I started wearing makeup. It is a full coverage concealer, but doesn’t look heavy on the skin. It leaves a dewey glow and airy feel to the skin for the perfect natural look.

Bobbi Brown BB Cream

Bobbi Brown’s BB Cream is one of my all time favorites since I started doing makeup. It has light to medium coverage, depending on how you blend it. Since I have pretty good skin, with only the occasional blemish, this is perfect for evening out my skin tone. It contains SPF 35 too so it is perfect for a getaway to the beach or everyday.


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