My New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

Every year I feel like I make the same resolutions; to eat healthier, exercise more, and all those other stereotypical resolutions. This year I wanted to set some real goals for myself, so I sat down and made a list that I feel has some truly good goals that will help me and here they are!

  1. Drink more water. The past couple of months I have noticed how little water I drink compared to what I should be drinking and it needs to change.
  2. Read more books. This may seem like a weird resolution, but I love to read and I rarely ever actually read.  This coming year I want to start reading more especially an hour before I go to bed, so I can minimize my time on technology and help to sleep better!
  3. Live in the moment. Half the time I feel like I am physically present but mentally I am on my phone or planning something for a blog post, social media post, or Youtube video. So this year I want to start being 100% present in every moment.
  4. Focus on quality content over quantity. The past year I produced a lot of content, but looking back at it I am only happy with the quality of 60% of it. I want to focus on one thing at a time and make that thing the best it can be, instead of spreading myself out too thin.

Thanks for reading and comment down below what some of your resolutions are!




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