My Go To Winter Outfit

Every winter I always have one easy outfit that I will throw on to do errands that is cute but also has a relaxed vibe. I love having that one outfit that you can always count on and this winter season this outfit has been my go to.

This cropped red sweater from Forever 21 has been my go to this season because the shade of red is just stunning. It isn’t too red, like a santa suit, but a deep rich burgundy. Since it is the holiday season any shade of red is basically a must for me..actually scratch that red is always a must for me(hint my blog’s name).

My pants are my go to high waisted, black denim jeans from Madewell that I basically live in. I have talked a ton about Madewell jeans so I’ll keep this one short and sweet.

Another thing that you will always find me drawn to is a good plaid, so of course I had to include it in my go to outfit. In winter its always so easy to toss on a scarf to keep warm but also to add a little more to the outfit to catch the eye. This black and red plaid scarf has been my favorite this season and goes perfectly with the red in the sweater.

I also put on a Kendra Scott necklace, gold watch, some black vans with bows on the tops and navy pea coat and I’m ready for whatever the day has to throw at me.




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