My 1 Year Blogaversary!


IMG_9863Hey friends! So this past week on July fourteenth was my one year anniversary of creating my blog! It is crazy to think that a year ago I was just a girl who had an idea to create a blog. This time last year figuring out all this ‘blogger stuff’ was so confusing and frustrating to me but this year I feel very much at home chatting on here with all of you!

When I first created this blog I was so new to it I had so many questions that I realize now are pretty dumb but luckily kind people helped me along the way. The first trouble I had when starting this blog was what I wanted to name it. I probably thought up at least 100 names and then narrowed it down to a few. At first I thought I would name it the girl in the little red coat, because ever since I was a toddler I always had the perfect little red peacoat. But then that name kind of reminded me of the phrase ‘the red coats are coming the red coats are coming’ and that is not what I wanted my blog to relate to. So I chose the girl in the little red dress which I think fits me perfectly. Although I still have yet to post a photo of myself in a red dress on here…. but don’t worry its coming soon!

Lastly I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has read and experienced the fun of this past year with me. Thank you for subscribing, for reading, for commenting, and for brightening my days. This blog has allowed me to do so many amazing things this past year from going to Fashion Week and meeting Iris Apfel to making friendships while collaborating.  I love you all and thanks for joining me on my journey!



ps there is a huge giveaway on my Instagram right now to celebrate my anniversary so go check it out!


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