Women Power Wednesday; Jade, Lexi-Lynn, & Brooke Beerman

Hey guys, so as you may know I am a high school ambassador for Jadelynn Brooke and I love their company! The three girls that started it, Jade, Lexi-Lynn, and Brooke are the sweetest girls ever! I LOVE LOVE LOVE working for them and would not choose to work with anyone else! This week while I was thinking of who I wanted to feature on my Women Power Wednesday I thought about them and how kindhearted and driven they are and I thought you should know too!

When I first started being a rep for them I had so many questions and I messaged them so many times, like so many times, if I were them I would get annoyed with me. Each and every time theywere sweet to me and answered all of my questions. They truly made me feel like a part of the family and they are genuine. Jade, Lexi-Lynn, and Brooke make me wish that I had them as sisters because they are that lovely!

It is wonderful to see how in one short year they have built an amazing brand with almost 60k instagram followers! They work hard and they have created something to be proud of.  They are an inspiration for girls everywhere to turn their dreams into a reality.

Also I included a picture of my favorite travel mug from them because it totally fits in with my Women Power Wednesday! I will include a link below and  if you want to order anything which you probably will;) use my discount code “UAGS” for 20% off.




the girl in the little red dress


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