New Logo by Neried Odelette & Interview


Hey guys! So recently while trying to find a logo I stumbled upon Neried Odelette on Instagram! She draws amazing fashion sketches of you-tubers, bloggers and models. She offered to sketch me and I was flattered! Pictured above is the outstanding picture she did for me. I absolutely love it and I am going to use it as my new logo! Below is an interview I did with her.

Q: What made you want to start drawing?

A: “I think the main reason is that my parents both take painting as an interest, both me and my brother are influenced by watching them since our childhood.”

Q: When did you start drawing fashion sketches?

A: “I drew tons of people before, but my style was Japanese manga and the first time I started drawing fashion illustrations was this past January.”

Q: When did you start drawing?

A:”As long as I knew how to use a pencil I started drawing. Either drawing on a wall or paper!”

Q: Who influences your illustrations?

A: “Kerri Hess and Megan Hess, they are the first fashion illustrators I discovered.”

Q: What is a brand that influences your drawings?

A: “I am a huge Dior fan! From their cosmetics and perfumes to their haute couture. I collect a lot of cards and magazines from them as inspiration. ”

Thanks so much for reading! Be sure to check out @bunheadodelette on instagram!


the girl in the little red dress


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