Meeting Iris Apfel?!

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Hey guys! So this week is Fashion Week and I was invited to attend as a blogger! I attended the first evening and it was amazing! It was the Emerging Designers Competition sponsored by Caleres.  The winning designer received $25,000 to build their brand. Four designers participated and each had a unique style.

Right before the show began, I spotted a woman being taken to her front row seat. When I saw her trademark statement glasses, elaborate outfit and accessories, I knew it was style icon, Iris Apfel. I screamed on the inside! My mom loves Iris so much and she didn’t come with me to the show because she thought Iris wasn’t going to be there. I knew I had to somehow get to Iris.  At the end of the show, I hurried through the aisles and made my way up to her. I was still in shock that it was Iris, so as I introduced myself, I was shaking. I told her I was a blogger and how much my mom, a designer, and I love her… and how badly my mom wanted to meet her. She told me how sorry she was that my mom didn’t get to meet her and then I asked her if  I could take a photo with her. She said of course and I was on cloud nine!

The brands competing were Haus Alkire, Eckhaus Latta, Azede Jean-Pierre, Houghton, and Novis. I liked how Novis used a lot of different geometrical patterns. I loved how they had classic dresses and then put their own twist on it. Houghton is a brand that designs wedding dresses and other dresses for evening wear.  I loved their twist on the classic wedding dress. Next was Azede Jean-Pierre, which is feminine yet edgy. It was interesting to see how the designer interlocked the two. Then Eckhaus Latta, a collection that had cut-outs on the inner thigh of the jeans and many other details that made the pieces stand out. Lastly Haus Alkire combined fashion and art to create bold pieces with a great attention to detail.  Houghton won and I was happy to see her win!


the girl in the little red dress


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