Women Power Wednesday; Karlie Kloss


Hey guys! So this week while I was writing posts and getting ideas I found lots of inspiration from Karlie Kloss.  So we all know Karlie is the gorgeous model but there’s a lot more to her than just her modeling career. I decided to start my woman power Wednesday to appreciate the women out there who have great style, work for women and girl empowerment and many more qualities to recognize.

Karlie has been a role model and inspiration to me for a long time for many reasons. First we both come from the same hometown, St. Louis. Seeing that someone can come from such a small place and has still made such a big name for herself is such an inspiration to me. This past year I joined a school coding club and then I learned that Karlie is an avid coder too, which amazed me. Karlie works with the Flatiron School  to help girls learn how to code. They give scholarships out to girls so that the coding world is not so male dominated.  This is an amazing thing Karlie does because it is so important to learn to code because it is the language of the future.

On top of what she does for girls, can we talk about her style?! Her personal style is classic yet has a fun twist. Karlie isn’t afraid to experiment with her outfits and she is a trendsetter wherever she goes. And on top of all of that she manages her own YouTube channel. She is the most amazing person and I hope to someday get the chance to meet her!


the girl in the little red dress


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