My Summer Beauty Essentials

IMG_4426The other day I was packing for vacation when I realized I have a lot of summer essentials and I needed a lot of room to pack them! I am only going to be doing my beauty essentials today because if I did them all it would be way too long.

My first beauty essential would have to be my Bobbi Brown BB Cream with SPF 35. It is my all time favorite product because it goes on your skin so nicely and also protects your skin from the sun.

My second summer beauty essential is my Smashbox waterproof mascara. I usually never buy waterproof because I feel like it doesn’t work as well but this one definitely does. I feel like waterproof mascara is a good idea in summer because I am always in and out of the pool.

Next is any type of sunscreen. I am so pale and I hate getting burnt because it hurts so bad  and who really wants to look like a lobster?

Another thing I am not sure if I could live without is my Bobbi Brown lip gloss in the shade Pink Tulle 2. The color is perfect for me and it stays longer than the average lip gloss.

My final summer beauty essential has to be my new favorite nail polish by Essie in the shade Haute in the Heat. It’s a bright and vibrant pink perfect for summer!


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